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"From Science to Start-up" Webinar: Meet Joerg Wamser

Join us for an exciting webinar on June 29th from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., where you'll have the opportunity to meet Joerg Wamser, a successful entrepreneur with extensive experience in starting and leading deep tech companies. With a career that led him to co-found KonTEM GmbH and PROTEO Plex, spin-outs from Max Planck, Joerg has a wealth of knowledge to share on science-based entrepreneurship.

During the webinar, Joerg will share his personal founding stories, including what motivated him to support science-based entrepreneurship and the biggest hurdles he faced in the early stages of his companies. His experience will provide valuable insights for researchers and scientists at the Max Planck Institute who are interested in starting their own businesses based on their research.

In addition to Joerg's insights, the webinar will feature short, snackable insights into science-based entrepreneurship, as well as Q&A sessions where you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and engage with the founder. Don't miss this opportunity to gain inspiration and valuable knowledge for your own entrepreneurial journey. Register now to secure your spot!

About Joerg Wamser

Joerg Wamser is an experienced entrepreneur with a strong background in project management and technology transfer. He co-founded and led two successful deep tech companies, KonTEM GmbH and ProteoPlex GmbH, both of which were spin-offs from the Max Planck Society. He is also one of the four founding partners of the Fraunhofer Technology Transfer Fund (FTTF), which invests in Fraunhofer start-ups and has financed 35 companies to date. With a Master of Business Administration from Harvard University and a degree in Industrial Engineering, Joerg Wamser is a skilled leader and mentor who has helped numerous technological founders.


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