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Building an unified scientific ecosystem: Meet sci-an

The start-up team sci-an is working on a unified scientific ecosystem. Their goal is to modernize scientific communication and networking by making it more inclusive, efficient, and sustainable. The key to this is the combination of virtual conferencing, hybrid discussion, and a peer-based content review system within the same online platform. The four scientists Jacob, Oliver, Siddhant and Tobias were among the first participants in Batch 1 of the MAX!mize incubation program and are currently in Phase 1 of the program.

What are you currently working on in Phase 1?

We are working on code development for the platform to improve our product for the market. We are also currently reaching out to researchers and directors within and outside academia. We do this partly to get feedback on product development, but also to expand our network and find potential future customers.

Why did you decide to work with the start-up incubation program MAX!mize?

We felt that our product was ripe to expand into more product and market aspects. We wanted to get a good sense of when the product was minimally viable. At the same time, it's not easy to know when to go to market and how to get customer feedback. We look forward to learning more about business development and marketing your offering. We are scientists and we love to develop. But monetizing the product also needs to be planned for early on.

How do you experience the workshops?

In general, we initially have a lot of fun in a lively and energetic atmosphere with the trainers and our scientific colleagues. Especially now that we are in phase 1, the customer discovery workshop was a great way to learn methods on how to generate feedback effectively. We also got very practical input on how to write a cold call email to attract test users.

What advice would you give to startup teams thinking of joining the program?

Do you have the right team around you? Then just go ahead and join. MAX!mize is a great place to try out, learn and get feedback from other teams. The clear path helps us with our goal of founding a successful start-up. We are looking forward to the next weeks!

Ready to take on the same journey? Apply for MAX!mize! Register on our digital platform and receive a notification when the next application phase will be open.


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