Meet the MAX!mize Core Team

The core team of MAX!mize consists of dedicated experts from different fields. People who tailor the right curriculum for your start-up project, make engaging events happen or market and communicate the activities around the program.


Dr. Elzbieta Piatkowska

Head of Startup Incubation Program


Laura Carstensen

Operations Manager


Timo Sohr

Marketing  Manager

Meet the MAX!mize Start-up Coaches

Our Start-up Coaches support you at any stage of the incubation program. They offer long standing experience in building science-based Start-ups and a broad network to experts and investors.


Ulrich Mahr

Head of Start- up & Portfolio Management


Dr. Florian Kirschenhofer

Start-up & Portfolio Manager


Sebastian Meyer-Borchert

Start-up & Portfolio Manager


Dr. Achim E. H. Wolf

Start-up & Portfolio Manager

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