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Kick off your entrepreneurial journey!

Who can apply for the Max Planck start-up incubation program?

A minimum of two individuals is required for incubation in MAX!mize. The team may consist of, or be supplemented by, external team members who can participate in all program events. It is important to take into account, however, that only MPI-affiliated team members can receive funding.

The participation of the MAX!mize start-up incubation program requires a Technology Readiness Level of 3 which means a Proof of Principle/Proof of Concept.


After registering online, promising applicants will be invited to the MAX!mize Bootcamp. Upon receipt of a positive jury decision at the bootcamp, selected teams will start with Phase 1 of the program. All program events are conducted in English.


How to apply for MAX!mize Bootcamp

The application window opened and MAX!mize is now accepting applications from start-up teams for the Bootcamp in October 2023.

If you want to apply, please register on our Accelerator App. One registration per team is enough. You will then be guided through a questionnaire, which you will be asked to fill out. You can save the questionnaire at any time.


Submit the questionnaire by the application deadline at the latest. We recommend that you apply as early as possible so that we can clarify any open questions in good time.

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