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Top 3 Things that aspiring Max Planck Founders should do before the application window closes

The application window for Batch #4 of the Start-up Incubation Program for Max Planck Scientists is closing on April 10th. We collected three top things for aspiring Max Planck founders to do right now.

Start-up Team in discussion.
Rights: Kimberly Kober for Max-Planck-Innovation

Grab a coffee and talk to your supervisor about your start-up idea

The Start-up Incubation Program MAX!mize is enabling scientists to pursue an entrepreneurial career. During the whole time of the program, Max Planck Scientists stay affiliated with their institute. Participation with the program is never a stand-alone decision. Besides finding team members (at least one) for your startup projects it is highly recommended to involve your supervisor early with your ambition. Participation in the program needs to be backed by your supervisor. On top of that: Challenging your startup idea with experienced colleagues is highly recommended. Group Leaders and Directors can give valuable feedback on your start-up idea. Bonus: You will be surprised by the entrepreneurial experience a lot of Max Planck staff can provide.

Gain clarity and erase doubts by getting to know your Start-up Coach

Startup Coach and Scientist discussing a project.
Rights: Kimberly Kober for Max-Planck-Innovation

Is my business model drafted logically? Is it the right time for starting my start-up idea? Suffering from sleepless nights because of these questions? MAX!mize offers help for that: Not an anonymous chatbot, not some brochure but some real human longstanding experience. Start-up & Portfolio Managers at Max Planck Innovation offer broad experience in supporting spin-offs from Max Planck Research. They can advise and guide you on how to make the best out of your ambition. Just write them a mail via our contact form!

Bring your application draft to submission by April 10th

Procrastinating the application draft? Bad idea! Start now to make 2024 as successful as possible by submitting your final application for the incubation program. As long as you did not hit the "submit" button in the accelerator app, you are not officially applying. The questionnaire is pretty simple and can be filled in quickly. If you have any questions contact your start-up manager. And don’t worry, submitting of the application will not determine your entrepreneurial future. You will always be able to reapply for the program if your startup idea needs some adjustments.


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